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Issue related to security setup

Hi Experts,


We have a requirement about security. Currently we could not find a good solution. 


Actually we do not want to create new record types for this issue. 



1. there is a checkbox field on account 

2. A group of users only can access contacts whose accounts are with this checkbox ticked. 


The recordtype + page layout can help. We just wonder whether there are other solutions. Thank you





Suzie, I would encourage you to explore Criteria-Based sharing rules. Depending upon the OWD that you have defined on Accounts & Contacts (I am assuming it is PRIVATE), you can write a criteria-based sharing rule where the rule will check for all Accounts with the checkbox CHECKED and then have all these users into a Public Group, and grant this group access to these accounts where this checkbox is checked.


On a side note, record types based security only allows/restricts users from creating new records. It will not restrict users from accessing records that have been created using a particular record type.


Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes.

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