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Custom button/link throws Insufficient Privileges for users outside of sysadmin profiles

We are revamping cases to be better streamlined with the work flow of our call center agents.  As a result we created a custom link of of the Task object to show all open and closed cases, tasks, etc... 


The button is a URL link to a report, see below.


Label: View All History
Object Name: Task
Name: View_All_History
Link Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)
Behavior: Display in existing window without sidebar or header
Display Type: List Button
Button or Link URL: /00Og0000000QXTQ?pv0={!Account.Name}


Why is this only working for Sysadmin profile users and not other users with different profiles?  I do not see any reference to Custom buttons/Links in any setting.


URL: https://xxxx.salesforce.com/00Og0000000QXTQ?pv0=Frank+Scerbo+and+Other+Occupants


Insufficient Privileges You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.


It may be that the users don't have access to the report folder, not the button itself:


Go to the Reports Tab > "Folders" Column


Hover over the report folder name until you see a drop-down arrow. Click Edit & edit the folder permissions as necessary.


I thought the same thing and tried that, but the folder is open to all profiles/users.

Daniel VigilDaniel Vigil

I figured it out, the report was not in "Deployed" mode...  Thanks for the responses!