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How do i put my new custom app tab in the list of standard tabs on the setup list?




I want to delete multiple records from my new app (Data), but when I follow the -> Setup | Data Management | Mass Delete Records.  I dont find a tab for my new app (Data), I only see the standards ones e.g. Contacts, Leads, Accounts. How do I get my Data app tab on the list so I can do mass delete?


If I select my records from viewing objects and click delete it gives message->

Cannot delete last list view.
You cannot delete last list view that has Visible to all users selected

Does anyone know how to get new app tab on the list of all standard tabs? Please help!




Custom objects don't really have mass delete capability built in like standard objects do.  When you're pressing that Delete link, you're actually deleting the view, not the records.


I suggest you try Mass Update Anything -- that's what I use to do mass deletes.  It's free and it works.