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Automation and Workflow related to Content Delivery

Does anyone know how I could possibly utilize Content Delivery in a more automated fashion?  We deliver training classes and we want to be able to allow our students to download relevant course material as a pdf.  The challenge is that we have different pieces of content for different classes and customers so the process has to recognize which piece of content needs to be available for a particular student.  The classes and enrollments are all inside custom objects in Salesforce.  So imagine a student is enrolled in a class, he gets an email sent to him telling him to follow this link to download the course material.  Everything has to be automatic in order to support the volume of classes and students.  All of the course material is already in Content segmented by customer.

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

As far as I know - you'd need to implement some APEX to scan through your content and generate a list of download links - or you could do a VF solution that listed the appropriate content docs for download.