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how to display specific sections of Account Detail page in a VF page?



I want to display only certain sections of Account Detail page and only certain related lists. For eg : i want to display only Account Detail,

Address Information, Marketing Profile in the detail section and only few related lists like opportunities,activity history. How to achieve this?


If i use <apex:detail> tag then it displays the all sections of the detail page but all are not required.



Please help.


I think you'll need to build this up via the standard tags - e.g. using pageblocks, pageblocksections and relatedlist components.  You can't change how the apex:detail behaves with that level of granularity.


The only other option is to create a specific page layout that has the details you want, but that might turn into a configuration headache.



Hi Bob,


When we write code to override standard detail page, then how can we still keep chatter option available?


<apex:detail showchatter="true">


<apex:detail> has one attribute to display chatter.


How can we display detail of a record and chatter too using <apex:pageblockSection> and other standard tags?



Devendra S


There are standard components that pull the chatter feed in - check out the docs for chatter:feed and chatter:feedwithfollowers.