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Send yearly email not per object?



My requirement is to send an email once a year, which will be not on any particluar object, rather a generic email, sent ONLY once, per year. My understanding is that, I have to use Messaging.SingleEmailMessage and Messaging.sendEmail from apex as I cannot use WF (if i use WF, then multiple mails will be sent for each object matching rule criteria, which is not the objecive).

Can you pls state that my understanding is correct?


Thanks in advance



Who will be the recepient of this email? Is it going to Users or Contacts? Also, is there a date/criteria that needs to be considered to trigger this email?


Hello, thanks for replying.

The recipient will be users in a public group in SFDC. Date criteria will be 1st Jan of every year.



I am using SingleEmailMessage and a schedulablejob that runs at midnight every month end, and added a check to perform the logic oly if the month = Jan