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Sonali GonnadeSonali Gonnade 

Google(gmail) integration with salesforce.



I want to develop an application which will take gmail authentication (gmail username and password) and using same authentication user can login to salesforce and user details will be saved in accounts and contacts.


I have installed Google data API toolkit in my developer account.

It would be great if anybody knows about  the google integration with salesforce.


Thanks in advance for your help.




Hi Sonali,


I'm not sure if this will help with what you're trying to do, but our new app, Cirrus Insight, puts a Salesforce sidebar in Gmail, so users are logged in to Gmail and Salesforce in the same browser window.  Users can view and create Leads and Contacts and relate emails to Cases and Opportunities without switching back and forth between Gmail and Salesforce. 





Sonali: Feel free to check out our latest app, The Scoop Composer.  It allows you to sync any object to Salesforce (including Accounts and Contacts) from Gmail.  It's also a contextual gadget so you can see contextual Salesforce data (again, configurable to include any object) at the bottom of every email.  You can easily jump between the two systems and create new records in Salesforce from Gmail.  You can also instantly log emails, activities, and pull new leads or contacts into Salesforce.  Hope this helps!  And don't hesitate to contact us.  Regards, Rachel