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Login Faliures via cronjobs - server downtime??

Hi all,

Is there a scheduled maintenance / downtime for Salesforce servers? ( API 2.5) ? The reason I ask is that my client runs fine during the daytime i.e. run from command line. While it fails when scheduled to run at night say 2:00am?

Can anyone shed any light on this??

My program generates messages like this: (ofcourse nothing to do with SalesForce) but still something to look at:

Remote Exeception error in login 
nested exception is:
java.net.SocketException: Connection reset




There is scheduled downtime, but it is quite infrequent - I don't know why your cron is failing (I have several that run every night..); its not because the server is unavailable..

I somtimes get similiar "Connection reset by perr" errors when batch inserting or updating large numbers of records via the API. The server side seems to timeout HTTP connections which are held open for a long time, even if there is activity on the connection.

During morning / early afternoon GMT these queries generally work OK, but as the US wakes up and network traffic increases the same queries take longer to perform so the API server kills the connection. The solution was to use smaller batch sizes to get the data down the wire quicker.

A batch size of 50 works for me, unless I'm inserting particularly wide records.