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How to Customiz the Save Behavior on a Custom Object or add Button on Edit Screen of a Master Obkect

Problem:  Override Save Button on a Custom Object or Add a new custom Button in Edit mode of a Custom Object

Requirement:  After User "Save" a custom object A (say Parent Object), we need to force the navigation to Custom Object B (say child object), with some of the parents field pre-populated in child object. Depends on Record Type selection in Custom Object A, each time we need to call a different Child Object.

We can override the New Button of a Custom Object to change the saveURL parameter to open child custom object (B). With this over ride (by s-control or java script),
this open the Child object after save on Parent Object but doesn't populate the Child Object with Parent Field(as parnet ID and Auto-Name was not initialised when we were creating the Parent Object).

In Master object edit screen, can we add a Custom button or over ride the existing button? In Setup->Create->Object->Page Layout we can only see the Page Layout of Detail Page.

Please note all the development are in Custom Objects(Not the Visual Force Page),

Appreciate any input or direction