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Workflow to send an email alert



I have a question and I am looking for work around to send email Alerts.I have 2 picklist values namely Status__c and Route__c


Now an Email Alert should be send initially if Status__c= Submitted for Review and Rout to = checkpoint to group of user 'A'.

and if Status_c=Submitted for Review and Route to = QuickFinder then email Alert to usergroup 'B'


now Route to has 16 values and 16 different groups . I dont want to create 16 different workflow rules. Is there a way we can route the emails in a single workflow.


Kindly help





You can store the values of Status__c and Route__c in custom settings and use Apex code to send emails using Apex Email Classes.




Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Could you do the negative - meaning are there any combinations that DO NOT fire off an email?


That - or using the advanced logic, you could do a bunch of OR statements within a single Workflow Rule.