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Error message highlights panel by deployment

I try to deploy a change set and receive always the following error:
"Fields in highlights panel must be a subset of fields in detail section. Currently Field 1, Field 2, Field 2 fields are not in detail section"

What does this mean?? I don’t have highlights panel on my page layout, and I cannot configure it...

Totally frustrated with this deployment…

Any advices?

Well this one seems to be related to case page layout.
Case Page layout contains a highlight panel.

Make sure the fields that are included in highlight panel are also included in the page layout.

We don't have also on the case  page layout highlights panel ...

and actually we dont have any page, which contains highlights panel in the source and target org

Highlight Panel are by default present in case page layout. Please verify that.

You can see the panel when you are editing a layout.
yes I see a Highlight Panel in other org sandboxes but not in this source and target orgs
Not sure then, I guess you should raise a ticket with SF.