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Change Log Management

This question might be too general, but I want to know how other people are handling and want to learn from them.


I know there is Set Histroy Tracking for the changes of fields on Objects.


But the one I want to know is Tracking and Change Log of inserting new things(eg.fields,objects,workflows,apex classes etc), updating things and who did those and when. [ for developers, we can share a simple note txt file in eclipse share among the project, but there are also some users who are not developers and they can also make changes in Production Environment too].


Is there any useful way that you guys are using to manage the large projects acrocss multiple people?


Sometimes,I heard from previous devlelopers who lost track in who did the changes and when. 


How can I avoid those future troubles and handle that kind of situations? ( like enforcing people to log down the changes they have made to Production,etc).


Waiting for useful inputs.