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Application cannont connect to Salesforce / networt settings


We developed a little application that fetches data from salesforce and runs
quite well here in our office.
However at customer site I do not manage to get it run. They have a network configured with proxy but even if the application access directly the IP of salesforce it does not connect to Salesforce - have some errors like:

java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host: connect
at com.com.tmg.prog.ExchangeDataWithSalesforce.login(ExchangeDataWithSalesforce.java:542)
at com.com.tmg.prog.ExchangeDataWithSalesforce.main(ExchangeDataWithSalesforce.java:245)

Can someone point me to any docu where I have an overview of how configurating
the network together with salesforce? Any other hint?

tmg - Germany
Hi Diane,

There are no special network settings for interacting with salesforce.com or the API. I have seen situations where the partner has installed a solution that runs on a server in a DMZ and the DMZ was locked down so tight that the server running the solution could not do DNS to obtain the ip addresses used by the SOAP API. If there proxy server is severly limiting traffice to known endpoints and a limited set of protocol ports, that could cause problems.

The API requires that the server running the application have access to DNS servers, and https across port 443. Those are really the only requirements.