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Sharing reason "Associated Record Owner or Sharing" for Opportunity

We have some Account records which are private. Users are creating Opportunity records via a VF page where the association with Account records happen automatically. This is our requirement and I don't want to go into detail here.

However, in certain cases, a private Account can get associated to the Opportunity record. This makes SF grant access to everyone/group having atleast read on the opportunity to have read on the private account.

The Sharing detail page shows 'Associated Record Owner or Sharing' as the reason which in API terms means ImplicitParent.

Is there a way to avoid this? I do not want people with access to the opportunity to have access to the private account as well




You can use sharing rules...





Magulan D

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Thanks Magu for your reply.


However, I'm trying to restrict access and not open up access. In my situation, there are no sharing rules defined and yet a private account is visible.