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How to use the java classes and it's methods in a jar file in an apex class???

Hi, I'm new developing apex classes and I would like know what sould i do to use the java classes included in a jar file in an apex classes, this jar's are in the classpath already... explaining little more: In an apex class in want to use some methods in some classes that are developed in java and this classes are included in jar files, I can't translate that classes in java code to classes in apex code for external reasons, so necessarily I must use that jar's. If someone can help me I'll preciate.

Sorry, you can't. Apex and Java are different languages despite the similarities. You are either going to have to translate the Java into Apex, or create some web services that the Apex calls which will allow you to run the Java code.


See http://community.salesforce.com/sforce/board/message?board.id=DeveloperChallenge&message.id=157

Thank you for the answer, I'll check the information you've posted