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Knowledge Article Migration Between Orgs - Where are the rtaImages in my include all Data Export

Hi all. I am moving knowledge articles from one org to another.  I am able 

to succesfully import a test batch into the new org, preserving data categories

and groups and the .html of two Rich Text Area Fields.


Everything here is satisfactory.  


But - 


One thing is missing though, I need to also include the images

in these fields.  I did a full data export from the source org, checking

the box to include all images.  I understood that this would include

the rtaImages from my knowledge articles.


I cannot, however, find these images in the exported files.  I see my .csv's and

I see some documents and then only attachments with attachment IDs (keyPrefix 00P).  


Some of these are .zips - would they be in one of them?


The images referenced in the source .html of the rich text are fields in the .csv of my knowledge

articles come with an ID starting with keyPrefix 0EM.  I have not been able to find

anything in my export with that prefix.  


Any help on locating these images (are they actually in my full data export

from the source org?  if so, how do I find them, I am at a loss), so I can put them in my .zip 

for article import to the new org would be greatly appreciated!


Have a nice day!

Naveen KNNaveen KN

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Naveen K N