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Sai Ram ASai Ram A 

Integrating Infopath form with Salesforce

Does SFDC have the capability to extract values from the xml format? 


Would like to know more details to directly integrating of Infopath form(Ms office product) via SFDC WEBService.

What is the maximum Size of attachments can be sent to salesforce via Webservice, integration. 


Currently receiving through email services using middle layer. maximum size for attachments limit is 10mb. 


Lets say ! If integration approach is feasible, What is the maximum attachment size we can insert into salesforce


Also would like to know more on SITE interface of SFDC for collecting non-SFDC user inputs. Limitaions , licences ....??? 


Responce is much appreciated..






I don't think SFDC has the capability of parsing xml request/response.


Please refer the https://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/salesforce_app_limits_cheatsheet.pdf to know the attachment file limit, under which you can navigate to Email Limits section.


And for attachment limit size via web service, i think it would be 5 MB as via webservice you will be directly inserting the attachements in the attachment object.


Middle layer would be the best option.


and if you don't want to use the middle layer than the best way to work is using the force.com sites. It will use the existing license available for the sites (default user).