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Unable to update UnitPrice


We are facing a problem in updating Sales Price for an Opportunity Line Item.

As per the API document the label Sales Price on the screen represents field Unit Price in Opportunity Line Item Object.(Is this correct??)

We are making an API call to update a few custom fields along with Unit Price. Other Fields are getting updated but Unit Price is not getting updated. Our objective is to set Sales Price to a value equal to value of a Custom Field.

Is there some catch into it that we are missing?

Any help would be appreciated.

Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

Have you set the

UnitPriceSpecified = true ?

Might be the issue




           Could you tell me that  where can i find the UnitPriceSpecified Field. MoreOver i am just using the Opportunity, OpportunityLineItemSchedule and and OpportunityLineItem tables. There is no such field as UnitPriceSpecified.

Is updating UnitPrice linked with TotalPrice?