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Custom Objects in Customer Community



We are starting to use the new Customer Communities (Replacement for Portal).


I have a Custom Object that I have made available through the Community.


However I want this custom object to only be visible to Customers beloning to the same account.


Ideally I would like it to work like Cases does, where when a Customer creates a new case,

the cases  Account lookup field is automatically set to be the same account as the Customer.


Will I need to create some sort of trigger for this? Or can it be done without code?


Thank you,



Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran

Hi Andrew,


If you only want to update the field for all user without much more restriction  then I suggest you to go throw with the workflow by using field update event of it but as your recruitment is to restrict some user for doing this action then it is preferable to write a trigger for it.



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