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Reg: Java Integration with Salesforce



Can any one help me.


How can we Integrate Salesforce with Java?


I don't know even a single step to do this. But i require to implement this in my project.


Please help me.


Thanks in Advance.....



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Thanks for your reply.


But i could not understand it.


Please send a sample application (or) Step wise procedure to make easier .




Thanks in Advance.


Click the java link, there's lots of sample code, look at the API docs (which are linked from that page to) the getting started guide has a step by step walk through including java code.

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This is also a good introduction - Introduction to the Force.com Web Services Connector




How can i use  WSDL2JAVA from axis command to generate "com" folder.




Please help me.


It's very urgent...


Thanks in Advance


Pat PattersonPat Patterson

This quick start covers wsdl2java


You should also check out some training when you get time - Force.com Integrations (DEV-502) covers this in depth.


take a look at http://code.google.com/p/sqlforce/wiki/JavaForce for prebuilt java bindings. This is what we use. The link has sample code snippets that give the flavor of the library.