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How to get Salesforce Timezone from Jitterbit

Hi friends,


i'm posting this because Jitterbit does not have a lot of documentation about Salesforce.  If you ever need to send information from Salesforce through an Outbound Message to Jitterbit and you have Date/Time Fields, you will need the timezone since Salesforce sends the UTC time.  A work around that i found is this:


$SFFechaHoraActual=Date(LoginToSalesforceAndGetTimestamp("<TAG>Salesforce Orgs/admin@yourorg.com</TAG>"));
$TimeZoneDiff=Long($SFFechaHoraActualCST)- Long($SFFechaHoraActual);


Now you have the TimeZone in number and you could easy modify your date fields:


$SFFecha=if(IsNull($SFFecha) || $SFFecha=='', Now(), Date(Long($SFFecha)-Long($TimeZoneDiff)));




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Thanks, This might come in handy someday.

Thanks for the info.

Satish Kumar