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Conga Composer with Salesforce CRM

Advanz Knowledge Systems has comes up with Conga Composer expertise

Salient features of Conga composer with Salesforce CRM

  •  Using Conga Composer we generated documents and spreadsheets by gathering data from Salesforce.com objects and merging in to template.
  • We can pull any data you need into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations or PDF forms. Keep even the most complex output simple by combining the output of up to ten templates into a single PDF or Zip file.
  • Distribute content and reports any way you like - auto-attach to an email and send it to any Salesforce users or contact, save it locally, or print and mail them yourself.
  • Keep track of everything by auto-saving output files to attachments, to records or to Salesforce Content.
  • Send them one at a time or in bulk with all the same features and activity logging.
  • we can use a Salesforce report to retrieve data related to your Master Object. Conga Composer will automatically filter the report by passing the Master Object Id into the report’s Advanced Filters. Automate operations with powerful workflow, batch operations and scheduling.

Your search for Conga Composer with Salesforce CRM assistance ends here; please don't hesitate to contact us for assisting on your business needs.

Website - www.advaanz.com.
Email - info@advaanz.com / pradeep.p@advaanz.com
Skype - advaanz / dskvap


     i want to convert one of my report to pdf format how to do this can you guide me.......

Advanz Knowledge SystemsAdvanz Knowledge Systems
Hi , Thank you for approaching us. Can you please add us to your Skype so that we can get in touch with you on this. As it is 9.00 pm for us. Can we connect tomorrow morning after 10.00 am please. Sent from my Windows Phone