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Please help for correct this trigger?

In contacts i have a field TaskTestDate.  on this field i should need to display recently opened task date belongs to appropriate record type.

so correct my trigger.

trigger updateTrig on Contact (before insert,before update) {
Task T =new Task();
for(contact c:Trigger.new)

the T.system.date.now is not correct but how should i make this to populate a date of recently opened task date.

First, record id should not be the hard-coded.


If you want to add a specific date in this field then you can create a date type variable and do the calculation there.


Hi ,


There is a big error in your code I think so,



       In this line you are comparing t.Recordtype which is wrong I think you C.RecordTypeId should be there 



 // In this you have written t.t.system.now() which is wrong System.Now() is the correct it gives you DATETIME 
   I you want to take date then write System.Today();


Why are you creating Task T if it is not in use. And We never do hard coding it makes our code failure in other org. It is a bad practices   





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hanks for your reply intially my requirement is 


Thanks for your effort but misunderstanding let me clarify you





I would like to create a new Contact field on contact.  this field will pull the date of the most recent activity record that fits the following criteria.

TaskTestDate  :        Most recent task record date of specified record type (i have 3 record types here so assume first record type id as ='00XXXXXXXXXX' ).

EventTestDate :      Most recent  event record date of specified record type (i have 3 record type ).

sorry  for any confusion. and really thanks for your effort.

Actually it is my imagination , when we open any task, on task field it displayes with current datetime (A i mentioned in previously question) , so  when i assign this field to contact field it displayes the task opened datetime.





so i have created a field on task  and displayed current date , then this field  i am trying to assign to contacts field.