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Mass loading Quota data in salesforce



I am trying to insert quota amount (data) for multiple users using Data Loader. I am using Revenue forecast object to mass insert amounts to all users.

And i am using the following mapping(screen shot attached).




But when inserting it throws error for most of the records as 'duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: '


Please advise how to load the quota data for users!!!


Thank you!




In order to update Quota information you will need to have the Revenue Forecast ID however, RevenuForecast records are not created by default when Customizable forecasting has been enabled. They are created when you edit and save a quota value for a specific period.

If Quota values have been edited or populated for Users/Periods when an Upsert/Insert operation is performed on the RevenueForecast table the Quota's that previously existed will error out.  

In order to update the Quota values for RevenueForecast records that currently exist the user will need to add the RevenueForecast Id to the records which threw the error and run an additional update operation.

In some circumstances it may be easier to start with a new Update file that already contains the Revenue Forecast Id's and populate the Quota information accordingly.


If you are utilizing Multiple Currencies you may need to specify the CurrencyISOCode column and populate it with the corresponding currency for the Quota values.  If CurrencyISOCode is not specified the currency will be imported as the organizations standard currency.

Using this file run an insert operation on the Revenue Forecast table mapping the User Id, Quota, and Start Date columns in your file to the associated Salesforce fields.  

During this operation you may receive errors reading, "duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown>" which means that Revenue Forecast records for those given User ID and Period combinations already exist in Salesforce.  You can ignore these errors.  The remaining insert operations should be a success with a message that reads "Item Created" which indicates that Revenue Forecast records for those User Id and Period combinations have been created in Salesforce.

Now you should be able to run an export on the RevenueForecast table which will include all of the User Id and Period combinations with their respective RevenueForecast ID's which will show as Id on the table.  

Note:  The export results will only included previously created records and those which were created via the insert operation above.  It is also recommended that you include the Startdate field for easier reference when working with the file.  Optionally, you can also run an export on the User table including User Id's and Names.  You can then use this file to populate a name column in your RevenueForecast Export File using Excel's Vlookup functionality this will allow you to reference name's rather than User Id's when working with the file.




Thanks for your response! I tried to insert the quota data 12 records(from Jan to Dec 2013)  through RevenueForecast table and when inserting only 2 records got inserted and says ' Item Created' in the status and for the rest of the records it says

"duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown>"  and for these records the quota data is not inserted.


Then as a second step what i tried was i exported the RevenueForcast Id,Owner Id, Start Date, quota data for the inserted records and for the failed records(failed records that did not have a value for quota) and tried to do an update so i thought the quota data will up updated for all the inserted and blank records. But when i try to update through the Revenue Forecast table i don't see the Owner Id, and Start Date fields for mapping.


How to load the quota data for the records that threw error.