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The question about salesforce upgrade!

Now i got a question that make me dizzy, the old version of salesforce is normal to display the pdf which is generate by apex code,but now, the version has upgrade to summer12 and there is a proplem to display the pdf unless i remove the picture of pdf head(logo), can you tell me what's wrong with it or some new functions have published that i didn't know? thank you and hope you to give me the good idea!!
<apex:page renderAs="pdf" >
 <apex:image id="theImage2" url="{!URLFOR($Resource.Images, 'header.jpg')}" width="210" height="50"/>

Niket SFNiket SF

Hello Zjlg,

                   Will you please see the meta-data of the page and try to update the version of the page as 24. It may be works. I am not sure but some time it take some time to update the release changes in our org.




Hi Nik,

Thank you for your reply, i have update the version of the page, but the issue is the same,i found that if i directly to display the pdf page without via the apex class,so it's ok. but when i diplay through the apex class,the issue just come out, but i need to display the pdf via the apex class so that i can implement some logic.


Update the version of the page as 24, it will work automatically.