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Using the jar file generated by wsc22 in a java client application

All -


Here is the issue I am facing. I am trying to use a java application as a client stub to generate a lot of data that I can then use ine force.com environment. So, I have created an APEX Class for my custom object called "reservation" with some methods exposed as webservicesand other methods not exposed as webservices.


 I have also generated a .jar file using the WSC22 utility as indicated in the salesforce api quick start tutorial. http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/Content/sforce_api_quickstart_steps.htm



Now, where I am really lost is how to use the jar fileand meaningfully code a java client application. I open the reservation. jar file in the ECLIPSE environment and am totally lost in how to use it. Is there any article / cookbooks in the SF documents area which takes the quick start a step further and show how to use a jar file generated from a custom APEX class and call the webservice methods inside them. I am able to use the sfenterprise.jar and execute queries and work with the results.


But I want to go a step further and


1.  try using  the java client to call my custom APEX Class methods


2.  try using the java client to call the methods exposed as webservices which I presume would be easier  


Any help/ document references in this regard will help.


Thanks in advance for your time.



Pradhip. S