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Flex : crossdomain policy of www.salesforce.com

Recently I noticed that flex toolkit can send crossdomain requests to Salesforce, because Salesforce have crossdomain policy file in /services/Soap/u/cross-domain.xml in each pods (na1-5,ap,emea). If we were willing to login from flex application - using username/password, not using sessionid - first we have to send login request to www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/10.0, but www currently seems not having cross-domain.xml in that path, except for the default https://www.salesforce.com/crossdomain.xml, which seems really restricted to particular 3rd party vendor (I don't know why they selected them)

Is there anyone who have used or heard about this cross-domain policy ?

Sorry, I mistakenly submitted to different board...