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New Blog Post: Coding on Force.com — What Do You Need to Know?

Hey Guys,


For those new to the platform and eager to start cutting code, I've written a blog post explaining some of the pre-requisites, hope some folks find it useful.




Hi MattLacey,


Post for beginners is beneficiary :)

Ffor beginners in force.com have lot's of dbts like Where to start?, how to starts?, how to analysis the requirement? How to choose perfect solution for requirements? Where to use code or clicks or Workflows etc.,


Your post gives the good idea on above questions.


MattLacey, Well written article and profound message.

Often, after trying hard to develop something declaratively, I realize, it can only be achieved programatically. This is a great article for beginners (either to progarmming or to the salesforce platform) to understand the demarcation between achieving solutions declaratively  and programatically.