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Sharing rule



I'm very new to the Cloud Development.


Mentioned below are the user information:

Profile: Standard user (custom profile) - with 'Read All' and 'Modify All' privileges

Role falls under System Administrator->Manager->Standard User

OWD for Case (Standard object) - Private,

Case sharing rule : Owner in Role and Subordinates: System Administrator is shared with Role and Subordinates: System Administrator - Read/Write on Case, Owner in All internal User is shared with All internal User - Read/Write


Now, my question is case created by manager will be seen by Standard user or not as they have 'Read All' and 'Modify All' privileges on their profile?







You have to remove that permission i.e. view all, modify all from that profile. Now write a sharing rule for Case like below:
1. Select your rule type as: Based on record owner.
2. Select which record to share: Owned by members of Roles with Manger.
3. Shared with: Roles with Standard User.
4. Case Access: As for your requirement.

And save the rule. Now it will work as per your requirement.


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.