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We can help with Salesforce Development


If you're looking to augment your hiring for Salesforce development, check us out at http://axlea.com. We often times allow companies to contract our SalesForce developers directly and even work with them one on one if desired. We have an on-site project manager to track and report everything as well so you don't have to guess which direction the project is heading and where you can go to get instant status updates.

You can check us out at http://axlea.com and see what we're all about. We've worked alongside with many companies that already have developers before and it's worked out great. I would love to talk with you some time, if you find us interesting?
Vana Moua
Senior Consultant
email: vana@axlea.com
Skype #: (559) 761-0588
Office #: (877) 673-7059