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Brian GolferBrian Golfer 

Assistance with salary requirements for in-house administrator

I wanted to know if the board could assist.  We're looking at bringin a full-time SFDC admin on as an employee and we don't know where to set the salary range.   We are looking for someone with 2+ years of admin experience.  Any insight would be appreciated.


Hello :


We have 15 SFDC Consultants available in our inhouse development center. We can help you in your system requriements.

Please feel free to send email to manneyindia@gmail.com with your requirements.


We can give you the best quota. Please feel free to reach me @ 732 877 0396 if you have any questions.






Hi Brian


Just giving you my two cents:


before you consider hiring on an employee, why not test the water out by outsourcing the hiring to a specialized Salesforce.com firm insead? That way, you get a better feel of the industry and not waste a lot of your funding into hiring the developer, rather spending it on the actual development instead. This route will eliminate the over head it takes to hiring an employee and with NDA's, your project will still be kept tightly under security. Just make sure the firm you work with has a good reputation.


Check out http://axlea.com and read about the "prolancing" portion. This virtually eliminates the hassles an individual may do and backs the work up with a firm. Feel free to give me a call to chat if there are further questions.


Vana Moua

Senior Consultant

email: vana@axlea.com

Website: http://axlea.com

Skype #: (559) 761-0588

Office #: (877) 673-7059


This response list gave me a very good laugh so I wanted to help you out Brian.  This board is now flooded with companies trying to sell something and genuine advice is hard to come by.  I can help you with your question but please send me a private message so we avoid drama with all the "Business Development Manager" members of the Job board.

sfdc help.ax1051sfdc help.ax1051

Hi Brian,


$70,000 - $75,000/Annum plus benefits is a reasonabale offer for 2+ years Salesforce Administrator.