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I am in need of an APEX developer to create triggers and classes.

The requests are as follows:


I have two check boxes on activities that I would like to
have update two date fields on the parent object (in this case person accounts)
with Today's date.


I have a number field on person accounts that needs to
count the total number of associated activities. Just like a roll up summary.


Please let me know an approximated quote for
this job and approximate completion date. Also, if there are any questions, please
do not hesitate to ask.

super developersuper developer



I am Salesforce Certified Developer.


We are located in India.


I have 2+ years experience in salesforce as developer. I have done different apps and many sites using sfdc. I have worked with 3rd party tools for integration like (apatar, informatica, pervasive ... etc) and done integration with mysql through java, integration with campaign monitors through webservices.

I am ready to show you my previous work in salesforce.com. So that you will know my capabilities. And also I am ready to face any type of interview in salesforce.com (sample requirement) to prove my strength. 
 Please do contact us

on Skypedskvap

mail: kiran@dskvap.com




We can assist you with this project. You can contact us so we can discuss the details.


Vana Moua





Cloud Arena AdminCloud Arena Admin



We are a team with combindly 5+ years of experience in SFDC. We have great experience in development of triggers,batch,visualforce pages,web services class and integrating with facebook,twitter etc, also aquires Salesforce developer certification.


Related to the trigger requirement, I guess requirement is pretty clear. Please contact on the below email so that  we can discuss the requirement, estimates(quote) and date of completion in detail.



Cloud Arena




Send me the details via email.





We are competitively priced and the cost varies based on the length of project, resources involved, size, etc. We have package and Team Plans that offer both great flexibility and lower pricing.

The best way to give you the most accurate idea of what it will cost you and the time frame to complete your project is to have a scoping call. We have seasoned US-based consultants and developers who can assist you with your trigger project.

Please let me know a day/time that you would like to discuss with one of our certified experts and I will setup a GoToMeeting. I look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderful day!

All the best,

Kristina Smith
Operations Coordinator
(650) 425-7474 | tel
(800) 609-4072 | fax


I am a Certified Administrator and Certified Developer who has worked on over 20 implementations of Salesforce. I have nearly 3 years of experience as a Salesforce.com developer. I have written many APEX triggers and classes. I would be happy to speak with you about the specific requirements to give you an accurate quote.


I can be reached by phone (708-712-6089) or be email (dominic.r.baker@gmail.com)

Salesforce SuperheroesSalesforce Superheroes

If you are still in need of an APEX developer, we speacialize in creating triggers and classes.  Salesforce Superheroes are US Salesforce development and consulting firm.  We specialize in startup, customization, Apex and Visualforce, app development, and training.  Please contact me at the information below, or visit our website at http://www.salesforcesuperheroes.com for more information.



Drew M. Cosentino
Salesforce Superheroes
Director of Sales and Marketing
Office: 888.407.5758 ext. 101