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New components not getting reflected in managed package upgrade


We are facing issues with the deployment of Dashboards through the manages package. 

We have components in one of our Dashboard that display the Top and Bottom 5 rows with certain value e.g. Top 5 Campaigns with Max ROI. 

Issue #1: Dashboard component setting not set during New Package InstallationWhen this Dashboard is deployed in a freash SF instance through a Managed Package, all components are displayed but the setting in "Maximum Values Displayed" field of the Components is not reflected. This results in all records getting displayed in the Component (instead of Top '5'). 

Issue #2: Dashboard changes not reflected in Package UpgradeIt appears that when we install a managed package upgrade, we do not get the benefit of the new components in a Dashboard. We have a managed application installed in our SF instance and when an upgrade to the Package was released, Dashboard changes (new components, deleted components and changed components) didn't reflect even though the supporting custom reports got deployed. We have tired installing the package upgrade in 3 different instances, but the issue persists. 

Please suggest the possible root cause and if this is a know issue with Package installation. Thanks.




Message Edited by Siddharth on 01-27-2009 03:08 PM

Hi Siddharth,


#1 sounds like a possible bug.  I would log a case with support.  You might also wait till after the Spring 09 release is rolled out (next 3 weeks) and see if it still an issue.  


On #2, dashboards are not upgradeable as the customer could have changed the dashboard.  Best option is to delete your existing dashboard (probably clone it) and create a new one.  Then on install the existing subscribers will receive the new dashboard in addition to the old one.  New subscribers will only receive the new one.