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Apex classes not available after install in EE

We have installed a force.com package in sandbox environment using the system admin profile. While installation we turned off the apex warning and configured field level security. It installed smoothly but for system admin profile client is not getting access to all the apex classes.


When we go to profile and try to edit and add apex class access it doesnot show all the classes there, its only one apex class that has got access out of 20 classes. However i can see all the classes available under develeopement -> Apex Class section.


Any idea why this is happening as it is only for this install or is it some issue with spring 09 release because for all other instances it worked fine.





Hi Siddharth,


Can you edit the classes when you view them under Setup > Develop > Apex Classes?


Can you add them to the Apex Class Access list?





Are the other classes public or private?  I suspect the class you are able to select is global.  Since a user cannot directly call a non-global class, I don't believe access settings apply.