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Shamrock SnowmanShamrock Snowman 

Unlisted Managed Package

I am considering the concept of creating a managed package specifically for one client, as opposed to selling it on the AppExchange.  The reason is so that we can build in functionality using Apex code that is not otherwise available on the client's Professional Edition org.

With unlisted managed packages, is the security review still required?  If so, would it be free or at a cost, in this situation?


Thank you.



That won't work. The Managed Package must be security reviewed and you must registered as an ISV Partner before your managed package can leverage Apex within a PE org. 

Shamrock SnowmanShamrock Snowman


Thanks for the reply.  We actually are registered ISV partners.  So I guess I just need to know is there a cost associated with the security review if the package is only meant for a specific client?


I recommend contacting your ISV Account Executive to discuss next steps. If you don't know who your AE is, let me know either your ISV name or zip code and I can connect you. You can reach me at aalbert@salesforce.com.