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Account Fields missing in Custom Object

I have created a custom object with a Master-Detail Relationship on Account. When I attempt to create a formula field for Account Owner in the custom object, even though Account Owner is a field in the Account object, it is not showing in the list of available fields on the Account Object. Every other field is showing in the lookup except Account Owner. What gives? I have looked under A for Account Owner and under O for Owner and neither are there. Hmm......





Within the field where you are creating/editing your formula I think you need to click on the next tab that is "Advanced Formula" then when you click on Account it will open a series of boxes which reveal the related fields on that object.


Good luck and please mark this as solved if it's as easy as that (if not, I'll check up again tomorrow).



One more thing - did anyone rename that field? That happens to me all the time.


Thanks for the reply. I am in the Advanced tab but it's not there and I did check to see if the field was renamed and it's still what I set it at. Hmm....


If the field is not available in the list a workaround could be to create a custom formula on the original object which is basically plugging in that first field then it should be available for the cross-formula fields.

We've had to do several of these for a data integration project I've been working on in order to make system fields visible and useable.


Good luck.