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Email Workflow Help

I'm running into a fairly frusterating problem, but it really shouldn't be.  I have a Workflow validation rule that will send a confirmation e-mail to a group of users when a Custom Object is saved and a specific value is checked. 


I overrode the page using Apex and Visualforce, but it still saves using an upsert command, which should trigger the Workflow rule, but it doesn't.  Now since I'm working in the Sandbox, I figured it was my e-mail, so I changed it to an outside e-mail but it still won't work. 


So can anyone shed some light on things?




Some things to check:


1. On your workflow check the Evaluate Rule, does the workflow fire every time a record is created or updated ? (If it needs to). Have you checked that your rule is Active ?

2. What email address are you sending to, is it a user field or contact ? Remember when you create a Sandbox all email addresses have the sandbox name appended by default and hence you need to change this.

3. Could your email provider be blocking the emails as spam? I usually always hard code a Gmail or Hotmail account in the Additional Emails section to test that its working.


Good luck.