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Case Status on Account

Hi All,


Having a little issue with displaying the status of a case at the Account level. On the case page there is a 'colour status' field (Green, Amber, Red). When the status of a case is RED, i want this displayed at the Account level in the custom field 'Case Colour'.


If the Account has multiple cases and only one is red, this needs to be shown at the Account Level. I know i cant use Rollup field (as it isnt a master-detail relationship) and Workflow wont work due to cross-object workflow not working on standard object. Maybe a simple scontrol? im not up to that level yet though.


Any help would be appreciated.




I've run into a number of these "sounds simple" type of problems that have no easy solution.  I can only think of two ways to accomplish this:

1. Replace account page with a VF Page - use VF code to display the field

2. Apex trigger (on update of case, change field on account)


I don't think either would be beginner-level code but quite doable.