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Validation Rule Question: ISCHANGED with Status Update Field


I created a validation rule using ISCHANGED with the Status Update field to ensure when someone updates a stage, they also update the Status Update field.  It works in that it gives the person an error when they change a stage, however, it doesn't recognize when the Status Update field has been edited or changed thereby giving an error continually even when the field has been changed. 


My code:

OR (
ISPICKVAL ( StageName, "Initial Review"),
ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Active Review") ,
ISPICKVAL (StageName, "48 In Process"),
ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Proposal Issued"),
ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Underwriting/Due Diligence"),
ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Documentation"),
ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Close-Fund"),

ISCHANGED (Status_Update__c)


Is there a way to fix this?




Please confirm my understanding of your problem :


You want to make sure that system should throw an error if either of Stage Name or Status Update fields is changed.


If that is the case, try this code :


OR ( 
OR ( 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL ( StageName, "Initial Review")), 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Active Review")) , 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL (StageName, "48 In Process")), 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Proposal Issued")), 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Underwriting/Due Diligence")), 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Documentation")), 
ISCHANGED(ISPICKVAL (StageName, "Close-Fund"))

ISCHANGED (Status_Update__c) 


No, I want it to throw an error when a stage name is changed ONLY IF the Status Update is NOT updated.  The code I presented actually works and does what i want. 


The problem I have is the error keeps being thrown EVEN AFTER the Status Update has been updated/edited. 


I want the system to know when the "Status Update" field has been updated.


Can you help?