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SUM of ammount based on criteria

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I have a report on opportunities that it is grouped by Stages. Each has its ou summarized ammount. What I'm trying to do is to have a formula that would divide the SUM of one specific Stage (ammount) by the total ammount for the report.


Lets say, The report is for all the opportunities and the Grand total is 100.000. My sub total for Opportunities on the "Closed Won" stage is 80.000. I want my formula to calculate 80.000 / 100.000 So I'd get the percentage of the Opportunities on that stage in regards to the total.


How can I do that in a formula  for reports ?


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You have to use parentgroupval inside the formula or report.


Description: This function returns the value of a specified parent grouping. A “parent” grouping is any level above the one containing the formula. You can only use this function in custom summary formulas for reports.

Use: Summary and Joined: PARENTGROUPVAL(summary_field, grouping_level)

Matrix: PARENTGROUPVAL(summary_field, parent_row_grouping, parent_column_grouping)

Where summary_field is the summarized field value, grouping_level is the parent level for summary reports, and parent_row_level and parent_column_level are the parent levels for matrix reports.


This formula calculates, for each product, its relative size compared to the grand total. In this example, the report is a summary of opportunities and their products, grouped by Product Name.


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