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SOSL, TextArea and master-detail relationship

I'm having some problems searching one of my custom object types using SOSL.


The type in question is the detail on a master-detail relationship, and I'm searching for a string that I know is present in a TextArea, but I don't get any matches.



It seems likely that its to do with the master-detail relationship, as I can search for text that appears in TextArea fields on other objects and it works fine every time.


Has anybody else seen this type of behaviour?




Are you specifying 'in all fields'?





Yeah.  I've tried it without specifying the search set (which according to the docs should default to IN ALL FIELDS) and explicitly adding IN ALL FIELDS to the SOSL query, but no joy.



I can find text from other objects that is in a TextArea, but not for this detail side of the master-detail.


I'm having trouble as well, it's hard to get any answers on what specifically SOSL will do. Some people say that it will only search the first 1000 characters. No confirmation of this yet