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Karthik B.ax1475Karthik B.ax1475 

How can i calculate total

I have two field 


Quanity( Field type= Number)

Price(Field Type= Currency)


how can i calculateTotal(Field type=Currency)


When i try price__c.qua__c. It throws me "Error: Field price__c may not be used in this type of formula"


Can you please help me without changing field type.





You'll need to either change the Datatype from Currency to Formula(Currency) and use a formula like this:

Price__c * Qua__c

 Or if you're on EE or UE you could use a Workflow Rule and use the same formula to update your Currency field.


Hi Karthik,


  The following steps will helpful to you,

Step-1 : Create a Numer field.

            Field label : Quanity , Field type : Number


Step-2 : Create a Currency field.

            Field label : Price, Field type : Currency


Step-3 : Create a Formula field and choose the retun type as a Currency.

            Field label : TotalField type : Formula

then add the Price__c * Quantity__c into the formula.Now when you save the record with quantity and price value, you will get the total in currency value.


I hope this will helpful to you.