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Help with Formula Structure for ISPICKVAL

I am trying to transfer reference information from one custom object to another. The name of the field I am trying to transfer is "Able to Mention Customer's Name". The picklist values for this field are Yes, No, Pending. 


I would like the value of this field to be updated into the field "Contract Allows External Use?"


Below is my formula. Any advice with what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated. 


CASE( Customer_Information__r.Able_to_Mention_Customer_Name__c ,"Yes", "No", NULL)



When using the CASE statement, you evaluate each possible choice in the picklist and then specify the result you want populated, then move on to the next choice....see below


CASE(expression, value1, result1, value2, result2,...,else_result) 


So it would be 


CASE(Customer_Information__r.Able_to_Mention_Customer_Name__c, "Yes", "Yes", "No", "No", "")


Sorry....forgot the Pending choice but that would be the same concept as the others unless of course you want Pending to be replaced by a Null value in which case what I just had would still work.


I think I am doing something wrong. I am trying to do a cross object fomula field from a multi-select picklist and when I put the formula in the specified format, the field is blank. 


This is the formula I built

CASE(Customer_Information__r.Able_to_Mention_Customer_Name__c, "Yes", "Yes", "No", "No", "Pending", "Pending", "")



What is the reason that you're using a multi-select picklist for the original field? They can't really select yes and no at the same time right? If  you do need this, then CASE might not be the right function for  your formula. I believe it needs to be INCLUDES instead. (see the help tip below)


INCLUDES(multiselect_picklist_field, text_literal)
Determines if any value selected in a multi-select picklist field equals a text literal you specify.