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Help with formula field

I need to creat a formula for the following logic. 


March to August discount on Indoor product category

september to feburary discount on outdoor product category

more than or equals to $250 spend discount 10%

more than or equals to $500 spend discount 15%


I have "product"object and "indoor,outdoor" picklist field. 



Thank you 

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We can give IF condition for this type scenario.


For eg:


IF(ISBLANK(BillingState), "None",
IF(CONTAINS("AK:AZ:CA:HA:NV:NM:OR:UT:WA", BillingState), "West",
IF(CONTAINS("CO:ID:MT:KS:OK:TX:WY", BillingState), "Central",
IF(CONTAINS("CT:ME:MA:NH:NY:PA:RI:VT", BillingState), "East",
IF(CONTAINS("IL:IN:IA:MI:MN:MO:NE:ND:OH:SD:WI", BillingState), "North", "Other"))))))


Great Help!!! I tried figuring out using "&&" and "or" operators with if statement. I will try all of them and check what works the best. thankyou again . 


Let say Sale is field which shows amount of shopping. 


so formula would be like this


(AND(MONTH(TODAY) >= 3 , MONTH(TODAY) <=6 , SALE > 250 ) ,
10 ,
IF(AND(OR(AND(MONTH(TODAY) >= 7 , MONTH(TODAY) <=12) , AND((MONTH(TODAY) >= 1 , MONTH(TODAY) <=2))) , SALE > 500) , 15,0)