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Multiple Pick List Formulas

I have one last question maybe you could help me with.  For opportunities we have set up a few pick lists for products to choose from.  I tried creating a formula but it says I have 42,000 Characters even though it is only 3,200.  From my searches it shows that it is taking formulas and combining them which makes it more characters.  So my question is, is it possible to write a formula based off of a pick lists?  For example "If SKU__c  pick list contains GREENC than Opp_Description_1__c = Green Coffee, If Product Sku 2 = RKTVTL, Opp_Description_1__c = Raspberry ketone.  I have several pick lists on my opportunity, and if multiple are chosen I need the description to be added for all of them.  I hope I am making sense. Each pick list has several options. So something like this, but the Product Sku is a pick list


If SKU__c = GREENC than add Green Coffee to Description_1__c

If SKU__c = RBKVTL than add Rapsberry Keton to Description_1__c


IF Product_Sku_2__c = GREENC than add Green Coffee to Description_1__c

IF Product_Sku_2__c = RBKVTL than add Raspberry Ketone to Description_1__c


So on and so forth for Product_Sku_3__c, Product_Sku_4__c and Product_Sku_5__c.


There are approximatly 20 Sku's total in each pick list.


Thanks in advance.


So your issue is similar to this issues:

You might want to check it out. And you can do a few things to fit your needs like a workflow and field update.

Thanks, I tried a workflow rule to update the field but nothing ever poplulates, it's always blank.  


Can you paste or screenshot your workflows and field updates?


I feel like you may have done something wrong on the workflow.


I hope this works.  I am certain I did something wrong, but the instructions I found online were not clear. I uploaded a screenshot. but it had to be a link Screenshot


I'm sure it's all wrong, very new. 

Shannon HaleShannon Hale

Hi Sadie,


First, you might want to check this tip sheet in the online help, Tips for Reducing Formula Size. It will help you understand the different types of size errors and might help you figure out how to resolve them.


Can you paste in the formula that is causing the compile size error? Usually a workflow field update is only a good solution if there is some part of your formula that can easily be extracted to reduce the size, like a date calculation. That's not usually the case with picklists, so it might not be the right solution for you.


Also, are your picklist fields multi-select picklists or single-select picklists?