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Server processing time has exceeded limit (600 secs)

I've been getting quite a few of these. Anyone else seeing this?




Yes, but I clicked on Continue and finally got it.


It might be a way to avoid the application get stuck trying to connect.


I clicked continue twice, then finally aborted. Now I can't do any compiling/testing. I get:


The changes you requested require salesforce.com to temporarily lock your organization's administration setup. However, the administration setup has already been locked by another change. Please wait for the previous action to finish, then try again later. (ALREADY_IN_PROCESS)


Is there some way to see what has the org lock?




There's apparenty some kind of platform issue causing this. Time to raise a ticket.


Calm down.Login and logout.The update is being made into production.It would ccome.Simple thing.No need to panic

Jia HuJia Hu
I got the same case, and can't do any revise in the Production.
Can someone tell me what to do?