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how to retrieve the uncommitted child records count in an after update trigger event of parent

Hi All,


I am not sure whether its a limitation or system bug,


we have so amny rollup summary fields on Opportunity as it have so many childs. 


Ex, custom Forecast, Competitor, Lineitemscount 


In an opportunity trigger , i have couple of custom validations which i want to exluded if any othe child records get inserted.

I am doing this in an after update event, for lineitem its working fine, but for custom objects when ever a child records get inserted the validation are not getting excluded. I have veriifed the old, new values of the rollup summary fields both consists of the same values.


Tried to query the rollup directly from the database, tried to query the child records , still no use.



Please help me on  resolving this issue.








think its not possible , go the required info at the below post



Can any one knew an work around for this, i cant use the future method as i need to show validation message run time.

Any thoughts on this ?