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system.security.NoAccessException: Update access denied for Account

I have a force site where I expose some custom and standard objects.


In the past I did this without any problems. But I keep getting this error.

I have an update button which calls and update to to account, causing the error.


I removed all of the update/upsert statements and I still get the error?

So, I have an update button, linking to a method that has no updates in it,

but I still get the error.


Any ideas?

Zach CarterZach Carter

If you removed the call to update account, and you're still receieving a security exception then how do you know the call to update account is causing the issue?


I'd throw some system.debug calls into your custom code so you can make sure it is being called.


I'd also post code here so we at least have some semblence of an idea as to what you're trying to do / what kind of problem you're experiencing.