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James L.James L. 

How to add Tab to user's personal Tab setting through Apex


Right now we are rolling up new features, which will involve add a new tab and remove an old one. This change first is updated in all profiles & app setting, but then there's problem, how to add new Tab to all user's personal tab settings. If don't do this, every user, if they already have their own tab setting, will have to add this tab by themselves manually.


I checked all objects, looks like there 's no object saving this setting. So where is this preference data saved ? how to access/update it?






When you add a tab to a custom SFDC app, you have a checkbox to override personal tab settings. Check that checkbox and everyone with access to that tab will see it when they usthat custom app.


Good luck!

James L.James L.
But that looks like a UI operation option, it's not config setting. Every time when you go to that page, that checkbox is cleared, Which mean it might only work from Web UI, not from apex James

That's correct. Apex Code can't modify a user's settings that way. You'll have to edit the app itself and use the "override users personal tab customizations" feature.