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Quota values - where is the data stored

I am involved in a project where I need to pull certain data from the Salesforce objects.

I have found everything I need in the Opportunity object other than the Quotas that the sales people enter into their "Personal Information" area.


I see those quota values in the RevenueForecast object.

Is this the correct place for me to pick up these values, or is there a better place?


Since users enter their quotas into their personal information page, I expected this data to be referenced either from User or Profile. While RevenueForecast does have a reference to the User object, for some reason it doesn't seem like the right spot to get this information.


So, just curious if anyone knows the best place to find this info.



Michael Bryan


Have you tried ForecastingQuota?


Hi, thanks for the reply


We don't have a ForecastingQuota object. I don't see it in Force.com/Eclipse or in the DataLoader.


I also tried just doing a quick query in Force.com anyway

    Select f.Id From ForecastingQuota f

but that gives an error that "sObject type 'ForecastingQuota' is not supported."


I'm fairly new to Apex coding, so forgive my ignorance.


At this point I'm getting the data successfully from the RevenueForecast object and it has what I need.

I was just curious if there was a better object to grab the data from.